Instructions for 4in square record frames

If you are here, it probably means that you are looking for the instructions of how to get an image to fit into one of our record frames.

You have a many options to accomplish this:

One way is to use the record hole as a guide and move the printed photo around until the part you want to see shows. Then you simply cut away the rest. Or you might have to tape or glue the part of the photo you want to view on a 4x4 piece of paper so the correct portion is viewed.

The instructions that follow are for using a digital image and software to get a 4x6 print that can be printed and then cut to fit exactly into one of our frames.

The video instructions below use Pixlr - (a free online image editing app) and our provided template (click here to download to your computer).


Another option is submitting your photo to us, and for $5 (per image) we will make the edit for you and email you back your image ready to print. Click here to go to our contact form and input your information and state that you would like for us to edit a photo for use in one of our frames. We will send you an invoice via PayPal for the amount due. Once paid, we'll ask you to email the photo to us, and we will make the necessary edits and then return the final image(s) to you for printing. That's it!